Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower Slots

Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower Slots
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Types5-reel, 3D, video
ThemesLas Vegas, Casino, Riches

What could be better than playing a video slot that is based in Las Vegas, which is the city that you can earn the most in in the world? This iconic slot game, the Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower Slots, has got an elegant theme, where you will be dressed in the most luxurious of clothes whilst spinning the shimmering reels of fortune. Does this sound like the classy vibe that you're after? Then take a quick read through this review and see what you can get out of it today. There is so much on offer, it would be rude not to at least give it a go today, don't you agree?

Everything to do with the Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower Slots

There is so much worth noting about the Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower Slots, so let's get straight to it. The Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower Slots features 5 reels and 4 rows, both with 60 paylines. These are really great figures to begin your gaming journey with, so well done them! The slot has been creatively designed by the wonderful Betsoft developers, so if you are familiar with them then you know what we mean by this. They never hesitate in bringing out the most sought after slots, it's incredible.

Some of the other key features here include the RTP rates, which begin from as high as 96.06%. The return to player rate is super important if you're interested in customer success, because they essentially result in how much money you're going to receive back into your pocket. The higher this figure is, the better, so keep a lookout today and see what is available.

There is also a great hit frequency here, and this one begins at 18.22%. As for the maximum win, this one begins from 2,601x the bet. As for the volatility of the game, this stands at high. Lastly, there is the minimum and maximum bet, and these start from 0.3 euros and rise up all of the way to 150 euros.

Features and everything else

The best features here in the Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower Slots include the wild symbols, stacked mystery symbols, big money towers, free spins and finally, the bonus buys. There are so many more here, so check them out now for yourself.

There are so many brilliant reasons to play here at the Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower Slots today, so hopefully you have gotten a better perception of it today.